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Hey, New York! You deserve better...
Hey, New York! Your deserve better...While a brgr burger isn't exactly fast food, and brgr isn't exactly a chain (well, we do have a few restaurants), we couldn't help but pay attention to the quality of the burger choices out there. People, it is bleak.

If you're on the West Coast, you can go for an In-N-Out burger. And in all fairness to the competition, they make a tasty burger. Sure, it's not grass-fed, but if you want a great traditional burger, they've got you covered. In our area (or at least in New Jersey), the only high scorer—again for a standard beef burger—was Fuddruckers. Their burger is fine, and, of course, you have to give them credit for a name like Fuddruckers.

Otherwise, when it comes to the fast-food burger, New Yorkers are pretty much out of luck. Our major players (McDonalds, White Castle, Burger King) were mostly slammed when it comes to taste, quality, and all of those other things that most people think are pretty important in their food.

Which brings us to the real question... With so many great burger places in this city, why is anyone still eating mediocre offerings from chain outlets? Why would you settle for processed, low-quality meat; burgers that have been sitting under heat lamps; or a ready-made burger experience based on someone else's burger ideal. Really, there should be some sort of Burger-Lovers Bill of Rights that guarantees you'll never have another less-than-stellar burger again.

We're doing our best to make you the tastiest, healthiest burger, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how we stack up—and on what should go in that Burger-Lovers Bill of Rights. Obviously, I'd like to see grass-fed beef become the norm, but you might have some different priorities. Send me an email at
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