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Our Grass-fed Decade? Century? The Mainstreaming of Grass-fed
Our Grass-fed Decade? Century? The Mainstreaming of Grass-fedThe last decade has been big for grass-fed beef.

In 2000, grass-fed was hardly on anyone's radar, while 2010 kicked off with one of the nation's most trusted voices—Oprah—sharing the goodness of grass-fed beef with her viewers. Her guest, journalist and food expert Michael Pollan, spoke about the virtues of grass-fed, both for beef and dairy, and we couldn't help but agree.

Yes, we can't help but notice—and be delighted—that everywhere you turn people are rethinking how they eat and what they eat.

Pollan also brought up some other points that we at brgr think a lot about too, and for which brgr is creating solutions:
  • Why don't we know where our food comes from? Modern life is all about ease and convenience, but the downside of that is that we often replace health with haste. Shopping for the right ingredients, taking the time to prepare them properly, those things take a little longer, but the end result is food that's tastier and healthier. I know that people sometimes feel that they have to wait a little too long for the brgr, but I don't want to give you a pre-prepared burger. I want you to have a freshly-made, grass-fed beef brgr that tastes delicious and is better for you.
  • Why is food so cheap? Pollan offers up an interesting statistic: Americans now spend less on our food than "any people who ever lived, than any people anywhere on earth—9.5 percent of our income." That's just crazy. Think about how important food is to your life, to your day—it's pleasure, it's community, it's family. Then think about how much those are worth to you. You'd probably say a lot more than 9.5 percent of your income if I asked you, right? While I'm not saying that I want to pay through the nose to have good food, I do think that it's worth it to pay a little bit more for food that is better for you, so that you can know where your food came from, and so that we all can feel that our choices are better for ourselves, our families, and our environment.
  • Why do processed, engineered, and shelf-stable products pass for food? I'm not really sure. And neither is Pollan. The fact is that all of those foods that can sit around forever, that have ingredients you can't pronounce, and are loaded with sugar, bad fats, and sodium really don't have a place in our diets. Food should be fresh, it should spoil when it's not. brgr's commitment to grass-fed beef and dairy is about health, and it's about knowing where your food comes from. All the beef we serve is fresh, we know where it comes from, and it's nothing but real, good food.
  • Is fat really bad for you? Somewhere between the fat-free craze and over-processed fat-filled foods, Americans have gotten the message that all fat is bad while we've simultaneously gotten fatter as a nation. What gives? The reality is that a lot of fat-free products are so loaded with sugar and calories that they're going to make you fat even if they don't actually contain fat. And the fats in processed foods are bad for you, but that's because they're bad fats, not because fat is bad for you. In fact, there are good fats that your body needs for good health and proper functioning that we should all strive to eat. Grass-fed beef and dairy are rich in healthy fat. Sure, that doesn't mean you should eat them all day every day, but it does mean that they bring value to your diet and health to your life.

The fact is I simply want to keep doing better. I want brgr to bring you more excellence and value along with better service, all while advancing our commitment to your health and healthy environment.

"It's not that hard to eat well if you're willing to put a little more time into it, a little more thoughtfulness into it and, yes, a little bit more money," Pollan told Oprah.

We couldn't agree more. Here's to hoping that grass-fed won't be the exception, but the rule!
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