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Our burgers are made from 100% grass-fed beef
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Welcome! Our News & Information page will be an authoritative source for information about grass fed beef and why it is something to care about. We will post articles and comment on current events effecting the quality of the food you eat. As well as the latest happenings with our locations in New York City. Go against the grain, only eat grass fed beef.

Hey, New York! You deserve better...
While a brgr burger isn't exactly fast food, and brgr isn't exactly a chain (well, we do have a few restaurants), we couldn't help but pay attention to the quality of the burger choices out there. People, it is bleak.
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Grass-fed is green
Did you know that it takes roughly half the fossil fuel to bring a grass-fed burger to the table, vs. a grain fed factory produced burger. Tasty, and better for the environment!

Grass-fed Eliminates Chances of Ecoli 157
The Following was provided by John Wood, founding member of US Wellness meats:

"Grass-fed animals maintain a pH of 7 in their first stomach or fermentation vat. Grain fed animals maintain a very acidic 4.5 pH. Ecoli 157 will not survive at pH 7 and will flourish at pH 4.5. The grain fed industry was born in the 1950's and came into full bloom in the 1970's. Ecoli came onto the scene in 1980. Simply a by-product of a low pH starch diet. The bovine managed for centuries on a forage diet and ecoli 157 never raised its ugly head once at pH 7."

No Kidding—Why Grass-Fed Is Good for Kids
There are few things that are more important to me than being a good dad. That means getting home in time for games, acting as chauffeur when required, being there to help with homework, counseling through crisis—the list goes on. And as you might expect, I can't help but have my family—and what's good for them—in mind when I think about what's good for brgr.
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Our Farmers Say No Thanks To GM Alfalfa
Over the past several days there has been an uproar in the organic food world regarding the USDA's approval of the use of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa. This has been an on-going debate over the past several years both in court and in the blogo-sphere. Organic food activists claim that the unregulated use of GM alfalfa will hinder farmers' ability to produce organic dairy and meats because of seed contamination among other issues.
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Our Grass-fed Decade? Century? The Mainstreaming of Grass-fed
The last decade has been big for grass-fed beef. In 2000, grass-fed was hardly on anyone's radar, while 2010 kicked off with one of the nation's most trusted voices—Oprah—sharing the goodness of grass-fed beef with her viewers. Her guest, journalist and food expert Michael Pollan, spoke about the virtues of grass-fed, both for beef and dairy, and we couldn't help but agree. Yes, we can't help but notice—and be delighted—that everywhere you turn people are rethinking how they eat and what they eat.
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The Solar-Powered Cow
Here's something I read recently that seems counterintuitive at first, but kind of makes sense once you think about it: many people who own Priuses also own SUVs. Not exactly what you'd expect, but the fact is that many Americans like the idea of doing good—but aren't crazy about giving up the luxuries they've come to love. Like a nice, juicy burger.
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Do you REALLY know what grass-fed is?
Yes, I talk about grass-fed beef a lot. So much so that you might be thinking, enough already, Steve, I get it! And sometimes I take a step back and think to myself, "Am I becoming the boring guy always spouting on about grass fed beef? By now, everyone gets grass-fed. They get the difference, they know why it's good for them, they understand that it really is something apart from the usual."
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Brgr's Dog
Those of you who step into the Third Avenue brgr this week might notice a little something new on the menu. This may just be the preliminary testing phase, but I'm pretty excited about it. I'd love to hear your feedback. What's the big addition? The new 100% grass-fed beef hot dog.
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From Farm to City
Building a restaurant on grass-fed beef might seem straight forward to the uninitiated, but the fact is most grass-fed beef farmers run small operations and lack the capacity to supply our two brgr restaurants. So I was more than a little happy when I met a man who could. John Wood, founder and head farmer of grass-fed meat company U.S. Wellness Meats, not only shares brgr's views on the superiority of grass-fed beef, but he was able to help us come up with the perfect grass-fed blend for the perfect grass-fed brgr.
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A Brief History of Meat
As brief as we can make it. We swear...
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Health Benefits of Pasture-Based and Grass fed Farming
Consumers' concern about the safety of their meat has risen as multiple beef recalls have made the news in recent months. However, the latest recalls making headlines are nothing new; between Jan. 1, 1994 and Nov. 31, 2007, roughly 800 separate company recalls took place - equivalent to over 300 million lbs. of meat and poultry products. Nearly all were caused by two types of bacteria: Listeria and E. coli.
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Grass-Fed Meat- No Warning Label Needed
By: Dr. Patricia Whisnant
DVM - Owner - American Grassfed Beef and RainCrow Farm
President - American Grassfed Association
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