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Our burgers are made from 100% grass-fed beef
  • BRGR located in New York City. Our burgers are made from 100% grass-fed beef.
  • Cows were designed to graze on grass... Today, a growing number of ranchers know that better beef starts in a pasture. Here, cows forage on their natural diet of grass, live stress-free and grow at their own pace. This healthy lifestyle also helps them avoid the diseases that strike grain-fed herds.
  • Not corn, as we once believed. Animals raised on factory farms are fed diets of corn, soy and grain that have been genetically modified and supplemented with synthetic hormones and antibiotics. This fattens up herds quickly and inexpensively at a high cost to our health and integrity.
  • Cows that eat grass yield pure, healthy beef. Producing the most nutritious grass for herds is no small task. It starts with rich, fertile soil and requires careful, ongoing pasture maintenance by skilled ranchers. The result is a beef product that is pure and healthier for you.
  • It's lower in fat, calories and is heart-healthy... Grass-fed beef has less saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories than commercially manufactured beef. In fact, a cut of lean grass-fed beef has as much as one-third less fat than a similar cut of grain-fed beef.
  • With as much Omega 3 as salmon. Studies show that people who include these “good fats” in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure and heart disease. And here's more good news: grass-fed beef is also rich in vitamin E and the antioxidant, beta carotene.
  • Grass-fed beef takes half the fossil fuel to produce... As cows graze on grass, they create a natural source of organic fertilizer. On commercial farms, feed is shipped from distant locations and treated with fossil fuelbased fertilizers. It is then moved with heavy farm equipment, which also consmes valuable oil resources.
  • So it's healthier for the planet, too. Well-maintained grazed pastures actually benefit the environment, preserving the
earth's natural ecosystem. These pastures remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more effectively than any other land use and help slow global warming.


  • Grass-fed Is Green
    It takes roughly half the fossil fuel to bring a grass-fed burger to the table, vs. a grain fed factory produced burger. Tasty, and better for the environment!

  • Do you REALLY know what grass-fed is? Really?
    Think all-natural, pasture-raised, or vegetarian-only diet means the same thing as grass-fed? Think again... Read the truth about grass-fed beef.

  • No Kidding—Why Grass-Fed Is Good for Kids
    Omega-3 fatty acids. Lots of beta carotene. Virtually no risk of E. coli. There is a lot about grass-fed beef that parents can feel good about. Read More...

News & Reviews

  • brgr is the place to go. Known for their grass-fed burgers, it has a location right near Bloomingdales, making it the perfect pit stop to fuel up before you shop.
  • we've got to recognize the genius of brgr's quirky blueberry pomegranate concoction. To be honest, in a world of thin insipid shakes and malteds, this one might win for sheer cheek-muscle toning texture alone.

the grass-fed difference

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